Friday, January 11, 2013

Getting Paranoid

My Apologies. I will no longer be posting a lot about my personal family life. As the internet grows, so do ways of obtaining a a person, or child's identity. I did choose to leave a couple posts up, because I feel they are relevant to the blog itself. For to protection and safety of my family I will be very picky about what I post from here on out. Call me paranoid, but it's something that came to mind recently and spooks me a little. We can't be too careful with our children.

That brings me to the ethical question of posting too many pics of our kids. It's hard to stay in contact with family, for sure, so the best resource is becoming social media. I have the largest love/hate relationship with it. More often, I hate social media. However, I use is as a great device for networking with cyclists, snowboarders and the companies that promote the sports. That's mainly my Twitter account. As for Facebook, that's strictly personal. However, I've felt it's become the biggest conversation killer. I hate hearing about what so and so said on Facebook. Whatever. You get my point.

Honestly, my point really is, let's drop out iPhones and stare at the world in front of us. There's too much reality getting by. Life happens outside of out social devices. I'm on a rant now.

Get outside, but when you can't, keep daydreaming about it.

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