Friday, April 27, 2012

Walk For Animals

This week my partner/fiancé, Melinda lost a friend of 19 years. When Melinda was 11 her dad brought her a cat. Unable to give him a proper name during a vet visit, she named him, Boots. A fitting name for a black and white cat, with a heart shaped nose and little goatee like marking on his chin. Boots was a hearty cat that traveled a lot with Melinda. He even went along on family vacations. I'm telling all of this through secondhand information that she explained better in her blog, Owl Always Love you, writings of our life as a family together.

Boots has been suffering for a length of time. Unable to keep food down and forgot how to use the litter box properly it was inevitable that we had to say goodbye to a friend. He was still spunky and would still play with our younger cat, Yossarian. Well, he'd play without choice. The happiest part to this story is that Boots lived a long, full life and was loved by the same person for so many years. It's not rare that this happens, but the people of the Humane Society are happy when they see this. They peacefully put Boots to rest and he no longer suffers. 

It's hard to think of the many animals that don't have this love or this kind of happy, long life. So many of them need our help, even if we can't take them all home with us we can still support them. My friend, Gini is doing the Twin Cities Walk for Animals. She has reached beyond her goal, but you can still send your support if you like. 

Heart nose and goatee chin. 

Oliver, already an animal lover saying farewell to his kitty friend

Though I won't miss him peeing on my bike shoes, I'll miss is his snoring, snuggles and abrasive meow. We love you, fuzzy critter. I hope there's lots of blankets to snore on where you are. 

Remember to always let your animals know how much you love them and never take their cuddles for granted. They love you no matter what. 

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